Krusty Koatings Inc.
About Me
I started off painting with family members and friends who were already in the trade. I have had some really great teachers over the years. Much of my experience is in residential and industrial settings, ranging from interior painting to the application of high performance metal and concrete coatings. I believe that providing information and advice to my customers is one of the most important aspects of what I do. I absolutly encourage my customers to ask questions and am happy to provide any information I have.

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Interior Painting

Priming and painting interior walls and ceilings in home or office settings.

Cabinet Repaint

Painting the doors and frames of cabinets and cupboards in your kitchen, laundry and bathroom.

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Trim Paint, Stain and Varnish

Painting Base, Window Trim, Door Trim and Doors either befor or after installation.

Stain and varnish new trims and doors as well as touch up to existing stained trim.